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Quality Time

Are you usually a busy parent who misses a Quality Time with your children? Or it could be a specific situation that you wish to make it something very special with your kid, such as a birthday. Here is our proposal. If your child likes painting, I can make your day. 

In one session you and your children can paint anything that is special for you. Together:

  • you have a quality time.
  • you both learn painting.
  • you create a piece of art that can decorate your home.

About me

I am Parissa Abbassi from Isfahan, Iran. Perhaps making logos from the names of my classmates or drawing a small portrait of each teacher at the beginning of a books in the school lead me to the school of graphics and art.

It was in the free drawing class that I got to know the surrealism. In my opinion while Surreal shows the power of artist in drawing, it does not have the limitations of Real in expression of thoughts. I discovered that I can reach my desired results quicker using a colored paper. Since then I used that technique in all my school home works.

My school homework (2001)

It was a good lock that I found my beloved method and not every artist has such a chance to find his/her favourite style so early. Unfortunately, after graduation in graphics from university in Tehran, I did not have time to work on my style due to the difficulties of living alone. All those years until just very recently:

  • My desire to be unique, gave me the motivation to do a variety of artistic things that I needed in my personal life.
  • I drew portrait to give as a gift to friends.
  • I took photos during the inland trips from which I made an exhibition just before my immigration in January 2013.
  • I gave drawing lessons to groups or individuals.

So I lived in parallel to the world of art.

In Germany, I continued giving the drawing lessons at school.

Immigration with all its difficulties gave me an opportunity and ideas. I’ve restarted drawing after 20 years. Next to learning a new language, I express my feelings and thoughts in different situations and/or time via the language which has no border.


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